Concrete Sari, Hinjewadi – Pune 2013

The Concrete Sari will turn the tour Wheel Drive Multilevel Car Park into an attractive icon in Hinjewadi. Using as a concept the draping of the fabric around the body, and the circulation of the vehicles in the inside of the building, the pre stressed prefabricated slabs will surround the building with a series of twists in pieces with an approximated measure of 2,50 x 0,80 x 0,12 meters. A steel nest structure will connect with the twisting concrete truss. The concrete will be stained in a red Sandstone colour, reminding of Agras´ Red Fort architecture. The edge of some of the slabs will be finished with saffron coloured metal sheets which will remind of the embroidered silk in the fabrics and will change the appearance of it with the lights reflections. The slabs will be perforated to lighten the whole structure and to create traditional Indian geometrical patterns. An image that will empower the vision of the city from the inside. A new image for a Car Park building, a concrete sari that turns into a reference lantern when the night arrives. Colaboración con el Arquitecto Luisa Portillo