Events Space , Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai 2015

Too many of the world´s event spaces are vast, impersonal warehouses, mere containers for the events that take place within. The brief quite rightly asks for an “innovative, state of the art and creative design, which will leave a strong impression on the visitors”. How to achieve this? Industrial environments that have seeked this by re-using the nature of old walls, with the memory traces on it´s skin, come to mind, such as 789 in Beijing or LX Factory in Lisbon, to just pinpoint a couple of examples.

In our case, the four warehouses with their metal claddings make for a good starting point but require a bold statement inside to create a welcoming feel. We believe the way to solve this is through the use of an inner skin either using vertical strips of wood or steel inn order to create an interior lattice, which would both give warmth to the interior and create an interior rhythm, or a more technological screened interior, which could be backlit and personalised to fit with the look and feel of different clients as needed. (Through colour, texture, amount of light,..)

How then to achieve a space with a general urban, edgy feel, that is also equipped to deal with a number of different events happening simultaneously?

A bridge. A mezzanine over the space, an additional area from which to overlook all the venues, a top lit suspended platform, which contains the program underneath, (including the events office, the large pantry, a storage room, the restrooms and the prayer room, which becomes a distinctive contemporary element that emerges in the mezzanine-bridge.

Its central position makes it very effective for the general use of the space, and enables the space to be divided into up to 4 different zones, or to be used as a whole.

In our view, it is not necessary to have full height dividing walls all the way up to roof level, but in the event that different áreas need complete soundproofing at any time, the mezzanine could be vertically closed and the movable walls extended to full height.

Another important element in the brief was the nature element, which we believe should be the main façade overlooking “The Yard” where the distinctive artistic feature, the space´s signature could be located. (Another interesting option for this artistic feature would be the bridge´s balustrade).

We are quite sure that the project would be extremely successful as a state of the art, distinctive venue landscape, open to all manner of different events, from car presentations and company conference halls, to auction houses and international fashion shows.

The bridge, by Asserkal Avenue.